Short Cranks for Short People

450 DKK / 60 EUR

SCSP takes your favourite aluminium crankset and makes it short and cute for small and comfortable revs for your short and cute legs. Or long and cute legs?

Not all cranks are compatible with this operation. Please send photos and if possible brand and a model number of your cranks.

175mm = 152mm or shorter
170mm = 147mm or shorter

closeup of a red specialized mountain bike with a set of shortened 153mm shimano deore lx cranks in black with a purple stridsland chainring 175mm to 153mm modified Shimano LX cranks

detail shot of rounded edge where a black crank is shortened Detail of machined crank-end. I usually leave a tiny bit of the original thread for historical reasons

SCSP for sale

600+ DKK / 80+ EUR

Sometimes I do small batches of cranks. You can see whats available below.

All stocked cranksets are donated by Cykeltutten. 100% of proceeds will be donated to them.

They are used and scratched and dented but thoroughly checked for cracks before they go online.

Shimano Acera

Shimano 600

Shimano STX

Sugino XD2R